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Recycled Aluminum Aircraft

Aluminum Soda Can & Beer Can Airplanes



At the A.C. Aircraft Company factory (okay, it’s really just my shop), I transform ordinary aluminum beverage cans into unique model aircraft.  Depending on the model, each hand-crafted aircraft takes from 14 to 50 hours to build and incorporates from 12 to 35 recycled aluminum beverage cans.  Special orders are encouraged (YOU pick the type of airplane and YOU pick the brand of beverage can) with typical delivery time of three weeks or less. I currently build more than 40 different types of aircraft including WW-I and WW-II military fighters, light civil aircraft, multi-engine planes, helicopters, and jet aircraft.  Click on Models tab to the left to see the list of aircraft I build, and on the Gallery tab for photo examples of my work. 

A.C. Aircraft models make wonderfully unique gifts, and each aircraft comes with a hanging kit should you decide to display your aircraft in flight.  Besides special orders, I usually have a dozen or so aircraft already built and ready to mail out (please call or e-mail for my current inventory list).   All A.C. Aircraft models are designed and built for static display only and should not be considered a child’s toy as they may have sharp edges and/or small pieces that could break off and be swallowed by small children.  

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